Disney/Pixar Brave Youth Archery Tournament in Pasadena

If you have a kid, or kids, who are 16 and under and are experienced archers, there’s a tournament being held this Sunday, June 10th. It’s the Disney/Pixar Brave Youth Archery Tournament and it will take place in Pasadena Central Park.

Aside from giving your kids a chance to hone their skills, have fun and maybe win some Disney/Pixar prizes, their participation will be helping others. The tournament, which is being put on by the Pasadena Roving Archers and the City of Pasadena Parks and Recreations, will benefit the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House.

The competition will be between 10am and 2:30pm this Sunday. It will be a British Short Junior National Round consisting of 4 dozen arrows at 30 yards and 2 dozen arrows at 20 yards using a 122cm FITA target face with a break for lunch. Advanced registration is required and can be completed online. Participants can also have friend and family sponsor them.

Also, there will be a Beginners Area for those who want to try their hands at the sport. Click here to learn more and sign up.

Source: Pixar


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