Best Archery Shops in Southern California

Source: Airman Magazine

After new archers have been practicing the sport for a while and gain some basic knowledge about the equipment and what they want, they soon want to buy their own. The first question though is, “Where can I buy archery equipment around LA?”

Unlike other sports, you can’t expect to find a decent variety of archery equipment at local sport stores such as Big 5 or Sport Chalet, if they carry any at all. Nor could you expect decent help from the people working at those stores. Most wouldn’t know the difference between a recurve and a longbow.

So where do you go in Los Angeles to shop for archery equipment? If you don’t want to order online, there are shops in or near Los Angeles. But which place is worth your time and gas money to go to?

To provide some guidance for new archers, and even some experienced ones, I’m taking a poll and asking Los Angeles archers to rank some of the local stores based on their experience.

This list is by no means comprehensive, feel free to mention additional stores you like in the blog’s comments section.


3 Replies to “Best Archery Shops in Southern California”

  1. Ive been to all of these shops and they are all ok. However Archery Outpost in just Amazing! Biggest indoor range i have ever found, Great Staff, and the best part is they dont sell you stuff you dont need (unless you really want it anyways). They treated me as an indivdual and built me a bow for me and my needs not to fill a sales Quota! Even if you dont buy from them, You must check it out!

    1. Thanks for the info on the Archery Outpost, Josh. I haven’t been there yet, but I’ve heard good stuff about it. I definitely want to check out its indoor range.

  2. Mary in South Orange County – Archery Outpost is fantastic and the facility, staff, and other customers/shooters are awesome. Great atmosphere to shoot or just hang out.
    Another shop I found that I recommend is Field Time Sports and Guns (14542 Beach Blvd., Westminster, CA. Chris is an awesome tech and teacher! Helped me dial in my new compound bow and had me shooting bullseyes in minutes.
    I love this sport but find it frustrating that there are not more facilities – either indoor or outdoor. Unfortunately, like most, I do not have an area at home suitable for safe shooting. I would like to get more practice in, but when one has to drive a distance it makes it difficult. But, I will do what I have to to get tournament ready!

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