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Archery Class

Free archery classes are given at Rancho Park every Saturday at 11AM and the second Sunday of every month at 1:30PM. We provide all the equipment for free.

These classes are great for kids and adults. If you’re remotely curious about archery, looking to learn a new skill or try a new sport, this is the place to start. The class is taught by experienced instructors who will cover the rules of the range and the basics of how to safely shoot a bow.

By the end of the class, you may not be ready for a shoot out with Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, but you will have a good foundation on which to build and have fun doing it.

Once you complete this class, you can shoot during the range’s Open Shooting sessions.

The class is limited to 24 students and is given on a first-come-first served basis. It’s highly recommended that attendees arrive at least 45 minutes before starting time to get a spot.

While the class is free, donations are always appreciated.


8 thoughts on “Archery Class

  1. carolyn beshara on said:

    I would like to bring two youngsters for the Saturday beginners class @ 12:00. They are ages 13 and 11. Do we need a confirmation?

  2. Awesome Class!

    Some tips for those who are going to take it :

    1. Show up really early if you want to get in, as it says above there are only 24 slots and evidently in LA there is a lot of interest in archery. I arrived around 7:30am and I took one of the last slots available. You’ll receive a liability waiver and can then return at 11:00am for the class

    2. Parking will be open in the morning, not so much at 11:00am. The park appears to be full of activities (I saw people playing soccer, people training their dogs and people just having a great time barbecuing). I had to hike from the parking lot on the east end over to the archery range. About 5 minutes or so.

    3. For those using google maps :

    Cheviot Hills Recreation Center
    Los Angeles, CA 90064

    4. Don’t make the mistake I made and assume that the 405 has a exit ramp for Pico. Get off on National, head north on Sepulveda, make a right on Pico and you’ll be at Motor (the street you make a right on to get into the park) in a couple of minutes

    4. Be attentive, there is a lot of information that is being presented, ranging from the components of a bow, to proper form to (important)general safety.

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  4. Ethan on said:

    Can one person reserve multiple spots in the class, if they get there in time? I have a group of 5 people including myself who want to take the class. If I got there early in the morning can I sign for all 5 of us or do we all need to be there?


  5. Hi what is the youngest age you will teach, I have a five your old who would love this.

  6. Brad Kelley on said:

    Any news on the status of reopen inning?

  7. Diane Devine on said:

    do you have lessons for a birthday party?

  8. Has I opened yet? Cz I really want to come!!

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