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7 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Carolina Farias on said:

    hi there, i am interested in talkiing to someone about Kyudo Archery or traditional archery for my 7 year old son. We are attending saturday morning class tomorrow but would like to get an idea of how much classes would be. Thanks

    • Hi Carolina, I don’t know much about Kyudo Archery. I believe the Kyudo archer’s have their practice on Sunday mornings at 10 AM at the range. If you would like you can go at that time and speak to one of the archers about it. As for traditional archery, I teach traditional shooting techniques. If you are interested in lessons please feel free to email me at LJBproductions@gmail.com or you can click on private lessons on this blog. I hope this helps.

    • You might want to talk to Rick Beal who is also on this thread. He seems to know more about Kyudo Archery.

  2. Yes the kyudo is from 8 to 11 every sunday, weather permitting.

  3. Mike Bolan on said:

    This calendar is missing a lot of reservations. Fix it.

  4. One of our students noted the calendar here on wordpress has the kudo (note should be kyudo) class from 9-11; but traditionally we’ve always started at 8am; the first hour is cleaning it’s true but 8-11 has always been our time. perhaps we could update that here?
    rick beal
    nanka kyudo kai

  5. natalie on said:

    Hi! Are you guys still up and running? All the latest updates I’m seeing are from 2013/2014…

    Very interested in coming in for the safety class! 😀


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