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Best Archery Shops in Southern California

Source: Airman Magazine

After new archers have been practicing the sport for a while and gain some basic knowledge about the equipment and what they want, they soon want to buy their own. The first question though is, “Where can I buy archery equipment around LA?”

Unlike other sports, you can’t expect to find a decent variety of archery equipment at local sport stores such as Big 5 or Sport Chalet, if they carry any at all. Nor could you expect decent help from the people working at those stores. Most wouldn’t know the difference between a recurve and a longbow.

So where do you go in Los Angeles to shop for archery equipment? If you don’t want to order online, there are shops in or near Los Angeles. But which place is worth your time and gas money to go to?

To provide some guidance for new archers, and even some experienced ones, I’m taking a poll and asking Los Angeles archers to rank some of the local stores based on their experience.

This list is by no means comprehensive, feel free to mention additional stores you like in the blog’s comments section.


Pixar’s Brave: And the Verdict is?

Pixar’s latest release Brave has been out for three weeks now. And, in this year filled with archery themed movies and TV shows, I think it may have dropped the ball in regards to continuing the archery craze.

Brave did well at the box office but, unlike The Hunger Games, it hasn’t really caught fire with movie goers. Where Hunger Games inspired many to try out the sport-overwhelming local archery ranges and instructors in the process-and even the creation of a Meetup group in its name, Brave hasn’t had such an impact. Granted, Brave didn’t have the benefit of being based on a highly successful book series with a built-in fan base.

So, I ask my fellow archers, what’s the verdict?

Leave your comments on the blog and let us know what you liked or didn’t like about the movie.

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