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Grand Opening!

ERPAR Grand Opening Invitation


While We Wait

Well, folks, as you know we will have to wait until next year for the archery range to re-open.  I know, let out that big disappointing sigh.  However, in the meantime, I’ve talked Don Rabska, Vice President – Easton Foundations and he told me some interesting range facts and figures.  Easton Foundations built the old archery range in 1983.  Now, they are fully funding the construction of the new range.  We owe a lot of thanks to the Easton Foundations who have supported archery in Los Angeles for the past 33 years.

The old range was only 30 meters long and 30’ wide.  The LA Parks have expanded the number of ranges to 4 in all.  The distances of the ranges are 10-meters, 18-meters, 30-meters and 50-meters long.  All but the 10-meter range are all 38’ wide.  The 10-meter range is 50’ wide creating a bigger space for beginner classes and warming up.

The LA Parks and Recreation (not to be confused with the TV show), sent me photos to share with you on the progress of the range.  Hopefully, this eases some of the pain.

Rancho Park Archers Store

Rancho Park Archers Store

We now have a store! All proceeds will go toward range facilities, programs, and equipment. We hope you enjoy the selection!

Click on the picture and it will take you there!

Khatuna Lorig coming to Rancho Park March 17th

Khatuna Lorig will be at Rancho Park on March 17th.  She will arrive around 1pm while we will be BBQing and grilling.  This is the time for people who are not taking the private class to meet her, take pics, etc.  The first (mixed level and style) class will start at 2:00 and goes on for 1.5 hours and at the moment, has two spots left open.  The second class (FITA) will start at 3:45 and also goes for 1.5 hours. She is charging $35 for each class.  Please let Joanna Ramos, know if you have reserved a spot but cannot attend.

Arrow Star Stephen Amell Talks Archery Form

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen

In a recent article, Stephen Amell, the lead actor in the Arrow series which premiered last night, talked about the importance of his character’s archery form. He seems to be very aware that not only will comic book fans be picking apart the show’s interpretation of Green Arrow, but archers will also be judging his technique.

Recently Laura Fisk analyzed the form of the most recent super hero archers shown on screen. Most of them didn’t fair very well. And she’s not the only one that noticed that archers on screen can have very sloppy form.

Stephen Amell’s archery coach Patricia Gonsalves

Amell trained for Arrow with archery coach Patricia Gonsalves. Before they began practicing, she had him watch a video of TV shows and movies in which archery had been done very badly. Getting proper form down was a priority for her.

It’s to be expected that some compromises in form will be made while filming and some CGI will be used. So we can’t get too nitpicky about what we’re watching. But, I do think it’s a good sign that Stephen is very conscious of his form and that he knows we archers are watching. He also seems to enjoy archery which may bode well for how it’s portrayed on the show.

What did you think about the pilot? Were you critiquing Oliver Queen’s archery form or just happy to see another show/movie with an archer saving the day – and making archery look really cool?

Olympics – Archery Online Live July 28th!

Hey Archery lovers!  I just found out that NBC will be streaming the Olympic Archers online starting July 28th – August 3rd.  Here is the link:


Held at Lord’s Cricket Ground, the Archery competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games will call for pinpoint precision and nerves of steel.

Number of competitors

128: 64 men and 64 women
Each country is limited to six athletes (three men and three women), which equates to three athletes in each individual event and one team of three athletes in each team event.

Field of play

Athletes shoot from the shooting line to the target, 70m away. For the elimination rounds, there are two targets, with each archer or team assigned to one target.

History of Archery at the Olympics

Archery made its Olympic debut at Paris 1900, was dropped from the program after the London 1908 Games, and then returned for a single appearance in 1920. After a 52-year gap, the sport was reintroduced at Munich 1972 and has remained on the Olympic program ever since.

Find out more about Archery at the Olympic Games on the International Olympic Committee website.

The basics

The object of the sport is simple: to shoot arrows as close to the center of a target as possible. Olympic Archery targets are 122cm in diameter, with the gold ring at the center (worth a maximum 10 points) measuring just 12.2cm. Athletes shoot at the target from a distance of 70m.  Athletes compete with recurve bows, distinctive as the limbs curve outwards at the top.  Men and women compete separately, both as individuals and in teams of three.

Hello LA Archers!

Welcome to Rancho Park Archers site! This site is devoted to keeping archers in Southern California, new and experienced, up to date on the activities at the Rancho Park Archery range, news in the local archery community and the sport in general.

It is our goal to be a resource to existing archers and those who are simply curious about this great sport and would like to learn more about it and give it a shot – pun intended.

If you’re interested in taking a beginner archer class at Rancho Park or would like more information on the range’s schedule, please see those pages for more detail.

Our site is currently in its early stages, more information will be added to it very soon.

Happy shooting and may your aim always be straight and true.

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