Geena Davis Still Knows an Archery Trick or Two

Who needs Katniss Everdeen when you've got Geena Davis? Geena proves she's still in a league of her own with this Funny Or Die video. Update: Funny or Die has uploaded a Behind the Scenes video. Check it out.


Archery: The Ultimate Sport

When I hear the phrase ‘Ultimate Sport’, the first thing that comes to mind is Mixed Martial Arts or the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Archery is not the first thing that comes to mind, and I love the sport. All athletes have their opinion of what the ultimate sport is, usually it’s theirs. How one …

Confessions of an Archery Addict: Where to Begin?

When beginners take their first archery class, many want to run out and buy their own equipment afterwards. Many of us can relate to that initial enthusiasm. But, unlike sports such as tennis, basketball or baseball, buying archery equipment shouldn’t be an impulse buy. The equipment is pricy and it takes a while to figure …