Rancho Park Archers

The Hot Spot for Los Angeles Archery: Lessons, Advice & News

Range Rules

To keep things safe and fun, keep following Dos and Don’ts in mind when shooting on the archery range:

  • Do take the 11 AM safety class.  You only have to take it once.
  • Do walk.  We only do a light stroll at the range.  It is great for chatting and making new friends.
  • Do pull your own arrows.  Archer’s like to know where they shot on the target.  Taking them out before they get there, takes all the fun out of it.
  • Do admire your arrows from the safety of your quiver.  That way the pointy parts are covered.  Plus, you look really cool doing it.
  • Do take out your arrows from your quiver when you are straddling the white line.  Of course, do so when the shooting area has been cleared.
  • Do yell “CLEAR,” when it is and do yell “NOT CLEAR,” when it is not.
  • Do shoot targets.  Shooting humans and animals are generally frowned upon at the range.
  • Do pull your own arrows from the targets with both hands.  One hand on the arrow and the other on the wall nearest the arrow.  This saves the target face and the actual wall.
  • Don’t dry fire your bow or anyone else’s – EVER!  The bow may break in half.  This is when an arrow is not on the bow and you pull back the string and let it go.  This is a safety issue.
  • Don’t shoot people (see rule on “Do shoot targets”).
  • Don’t pull arrows that are right in front of you.  Stand to the side and pull when people have cleared the area.
  • Don’t touch another Archer’s equipment without permission from the archer.
  • Don’t try to shoot the squirrels at the range.  They will taunt you and it may seem like a good idea (see rule on “Do shoot targets”) instead.
  • Do have fun!


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