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The following information provides details on Rancho Park’s weekly range schedule.

Beginner Archery Class

Saturday – 11AM

Second Sunday of every month – 1:30PM

Open Shooting

Once you take the basic archery class, you can shoot during the range’s Open Shooting times. Archery equipment is available for use at these times if you do not have your own – for free.

Saturdays – 9:30AM to 12PM

Sundays – 12PM to 3:30PM (Except for the 2nd Sunday of the month. See above class schedule).

Wednesdays – 6:30PM to 8PM (Archers typically shoot from the 25 meter line at this time so it’s recommended for intermediate to advanced shooters).

Additional Range Schedule Information

Experienced archers, who have their own equipment, can use the range outside of the listed Open Shooting times. Take note, other groups do use the range’s facilities (e.g., USC, LMU, Mary Mount High School, JOAD, Kyudo Archers, Le Lycée Français, SCA). When these groups use the range, especially the collegiate and high school teams, varies during the year. Join the Rancho Park Archers Yahoo Group for a current schedule.


4 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. How early would you recommend coming for the Saturday 11 am lessons in order to get a spot?

  2. Enockcuxeva on said:

    I really need more info about this place so ease give a call 3236496788

  3. Kaoutar Jahid on said:

    This is Awesome. Thank you guys for this. I read on yelp that there is a fee for the first safety class. How much is that? And Can you retake the class more than once if you feel you need more practice?

  4. Denise Miller on said:

    Is the free archery program still going on or is reconstruction still occurring?

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