About Us

Welcome to the Rancho Park Archer’s blog! The year of 2012 has seen a renaissance for the sport of archery. Prior to this year, interest in archery was limited to competitive archers, hunters and a small number of enthusiasts. That all changed this year with films such as The Hunger Games, Brave, and The Avengers which brought the sport into the realm of pop culture and boosted the visibility of the sport. Additionally, viewership for the 2012 Olympic Archery events was up. Archery was cool again.

With this upsurge in popularity there’s been an increased need for information about the sport. This blog was created to meet that need. It’s dedicated to all things archery, especially activities in the Southern California area.

The blog is maintained by Dirk Dickens, a self-avowed archery addict, to provide an informative and entertaining resource for archery enthusiasts. Enjoy!


Dirk Dickens – Blogger and Editor

I love outdoor activities such as; hiking, tennis, running etc. Archery was a natural fit for me. I took up the sport a few years ago at the Rancho Park archery range and I’ve been shooting ever since. Archery has become one of the vices of which I’m quite proud. Professionally, I’m a blogger/writer by trade.


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